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Silma Sierra Berrada

Silma Sierra Berrada was originally born in Wisconsin, but grew up in North Carolina, Illinois, and West Virginia. After bouncing around the country she found herself back in her hometown before heading off to college. Currently she resides in Princeton, New Jersey where she is a Senior at Princeton University, concentrating in English, and earning certificates in creative writing, theater, and visual art from the Lewis Center for the arts. She is also earning a certificate in the Department of African American Studies. Silma has been fascinated by art since before she can remember. 

Anytime she picked up a tool, be it pencil, pen, paintbrush, or pastel, she could never put it down. Silma began venturing into digital art around the age of nine, when she began to design logos for school clubs and local businesses. Silma’s favorite type of art involves music, fashion, theater, and film. She loves to create multimedia works that utilize her breadth and variety of mediums– painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and creative writing (playwriting, poetry, and prose). To Silma, life has been her biggest inspiration. In five years Silma sees herself at the top of the art industry with MEC.

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