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Lily Musick

After growing up with roots in no singular place, Lily Musick found a home in the Jupiter, Florida area. Upon spending over a decade by the beach, she made her way to the desert of Tucson, Arizona in search of new perspectives and deeper connections with the foreign landscapes and ways of living. A life of solitary practice and expression has led Lily to join the Modern Edge Collective, to share her artwork with the world and seize the opportunity to give back in the process.


Though Lily appreciates the arts in all forms, her primary medium has historically been paint on canvas. A fresh exposure to digital art sparked a newfound appreciation for the medium and inspired some sensational new pieces and collaborations. Lily believes that digital art provides a unique perspective, a lens into the art world that might be otherwise lacking with analog mediums, as well as a more accessible means of uniting traditional art with other art forms and the world at large. She believes that art acts as a medium that transcends conventional expression, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to truly share one's raw energies and emotions in a way that words never could. 


Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the female form, Lily has taken this partnership with Modern Edge Collective as an opportunity to make a difference in our global community. Lily has pledged a percentage of the proceeds and ongoing royalties for each of her pieces to nonprofits in need of financial support. Lily believes that there is still much of a difference to be made, that it is absolutely possible, and she’s incredibly excited to contribute in such a fulfilling way.

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