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Josh Kuhn

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Josh Kuhn was born outside of Chicago, grew up in Middleton, Wisconsin, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. In his free time, Josh likes to shop and design clothing, play Skate3 on Xbox, and hang out with friends. Josh got into art through Photoshop which allowed him to venture into painting. When he realized college was around the corner he knew he wanted to pursue a degree in art. His love for digital art began to grow when he learned Photoshop in high school. 

He started by creating and selling album covers to fellow classmates. This is when he really knew he wanted to pursue a career in art and design. Josh also has a passion and love for physical art. He is drawn to the unique textures and enjoys being consumed by a particular piece of work. Currently, he loves creating large paintings and art with subject matter that confuses people or makes them question what they are looking at. 

A few of his inspirations are Dennis Rodman, Matthew McCormick, and Kanye West. In five years Josh sees himself leading the art world; guiding, inspiring, and creating opportunities for other artists alongside Modern Edge. To Josh, being an artist really means just being himself. If he was not creating or brainstorming artwork everyday then he is not sure what he would do. Josh truly embodies himself into his artwork which can be seen by his amazing masterpieces.

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