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Tristen Koerber

Tampa-based artist, Tristen Koerber, who has been mastering his skills from the age of 15 has blended his love of photography and cartoon art. From an early age, his love for the arts stems from watching cartoons, like Ren and Stimpy, which paved the way for cartoonists today.

Cartoons are becoming more and more realistic, as you can see in Trisitan's dual artwork. His cartoon, yet realistic styles of work stem from satirical art, surrealism, portraits, animation, poster art, and underground comics which are all seen in Tristen’s masterpieces. You can see stylistic flairs from Tristen's biggest inspirations in his pieces from Robert Crumb, Alice Neel, John Cuneo, and Thomas Fluharty.

With the help of Modern Edge, Koerber hopes to focus his time on his passion and create new and inspiring art.

50808934_2085879781493390_4277684734147952640_n - Tristen Koerber.jpg
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