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Vuoto is a fantastic artist based out of Arouca, Portugal. Known for her mystifying dexterities, she is constantly looking to push the boundaries and take her talents to the next level. With a degree in photography, she is excited to bring her knowledge and fresh take to this new era of art.


Vuoto is skilled in many mediums but has a deep passion for combining photography and digital art. Her love for the two stems from her fondness for creating alternate realities within her portraits. Her ability to capture a moment in time is unlike any other, creating digital interpretations and fusing multiple realities into one. 


Her adoration for philosophy and traveling allows her creativity to run wild. Being an artist uplifts Vuoto's independence, permitting her to customize how she interprets the world around her. Vuoto envisions her art being seen worldwide and is excited to see where NFTs and this new generation of art will take her.

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