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Visualocto is a digital artist focused on 3D artworks. In the past he has dabbled in Pixelsorting, Datamoshing, and VHS, but found his true love lies with 3D due to the vast capabilities and the welcoming community. He discovered art when he was 17 years old in highschool and hasn't looked back since. His inspiration first sparked in his early adolescence, when the series Harry Potter began to trend. He first began to imitate famed JK Rowling's illustrations with a pen.


Later mastering  pixelsorted artworks experimenting with various fundamentals of art. To Visualocto, 3D artwork is about being inspired by another artist to create his own form of work."3D art is endless, it can be used in every form of advertisements, posters, and so many other forms" says Visualocto. His inspirations stem from the greats like Olly Moss, Fvckrender, Tinder, Hivepark, and so many more. He strongly believes that Modern Edge Collective will be a thriving community for NFT art, and also artists.


Seeing and hearing about all the capabilities that NFT collectives can do is so amazing for him. "There are no communities or platforms to showcase the background, the interviews, careers of the artists, just randomly generated monkeys and 3d art, however I believe that Modern Edge Collective is different, it is a special place for artists to showcase their work and continue to grow." Being an artist to Visualocto has truly changed his life for the better and he continues to expand his skill sets everyday.

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