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With an interest in self-development, Undernet is constantly improving their skill set, especially as a new artist in the Digital space. With an open mind, digital art is something new and exciting for them and many other artists looking to get into the digital world. Seeking inspiration from the world around them, Undernet finds comfort in the Natural world, pulling from abstract concepts and the idea of Dystopian worlds, which can be captured through their art. 

The evolution of art has a heavy influence on Undernet’s outlook on the industry and their own creative work. Their first encounter with the design was in the early 2000s where they sparked inspiration from print work, posters on furniture stores or on neighborhood streets. 

Undernet’s emphasis on a safe space for creatives has become a large topic of interest. Digital art allows creatives a sheltering environment to generate ideas, with no restrictions or opinions. With no true plan, Undernet is excited to open their mind and create, not only for themself but for a whole new audience.

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