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Jeremy Myers

Always fascinated with capturing a moment in time forever, Jeremy Myers is an explorer at heart and has a true passion for photography. After moving from Chicago to Orlando, FL, Myers had a great opportunity to get outside and capture nature for its beauty. Although his favorite type of art is photography, Myers also has a great appreciation for digital art and canvas paintings. As Myers says, “There is nothing better than when it is just you, your camera, and the animal on the other side of the lens.”


Myers’ biggest inspiration stems from his good friend and mentor, Tasman Rosenfeld who introduced Myers to Herping which is the search for amphibians and reptiles in the wild. From the first time he saw so many snakes and alligators up close, he knew he would become addicted to photographing these beautiful creatures. Since then, Myers has traveled to 49 states to photograph animals all over the country.


When Myers is not capturing photographs, you can find him going to the beach, road tripping, skydiving, or cooking. To Myers there is no greater feeling than to be so passionate about something and getting to share that passion with others. The freedom to create something out of nothing is addictive, an artists only limit is their imagination.

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